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    Our professional web development team puts itself in your shoes and creates solutions that enhance productivity of your company and increases the traffic flow. Our SEO friendly website designs helps in achieving better page ranking automatically.

    Pravel Solutions holds expertise in creating a broad range of web 2.0 based website designs and social networking applications. With our innovative and positive attitude towards implementing latest technologies, we are able to maintain a lasting relationship with our clients. Our web development services can be categorized in following categories:

    PHP development

    PHP is the most powerful platform for making dynamic websites for customer interactive requirements. It is a robust coding language that can easily help one to create the most advanced websites. The vast characters and the set of keywords makes it very easy for the programmer to create almost any kind of animation or bifurcations on the website as desired by the customer. Moreover, the back end or the admin panel of PHP platform is easy to learn and use by the customer when it is handed over once the site is developed.

    Advantages of Core PHP Development:

    • PHP is available in more than 42% of the Apache Web Server which is the most popular server hence it is very easy to be deployed on most web servers on almost any operating system.

    • PHP improves the page speed of the site and does not create an overload over the server.

    • The code is mixed with the basic HTML code making it easier for the various systems already working on HTML. This also helps to modify the website on different platforms without much trouble like Windows Linux or Mac servers, Apache/MySQL and can integrate AJAX and Callback easily.

    • It’s easy to access other web-based tools through PHP i.e. google maps

    • Can work with flexibility PDFs and graphics

    • Our team will understand your requirements at a basic level; whether for an online ecommerce store or your own personal website and develop the most efficient PHP website for you.

      CMS development

      CMS (content management system) allows publishing, editing, modifying and maintaning the website from a common interface known as Admin panel. It helps to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping very easily. So it is widely use as commercial purpose. Our CMS expert team work closely with our clients throughout our standard CMS process to ensure that they are satisfied and deliver solution they want.

      Why use 'Pravel Solutions' to develop your CMS website ?

      Having a web site that you can manage yourself is the perfect solution for most companies. However, you need a professional company to design and develop your site and there we come.

      Once we have developed your CMS site, it belongs to you. You login to your own website to control your own content. You have complete independence and total control! If you require any support, then of course we are there for you. We do help you with maintaining the website time to time.

      E-commerce solutions

      E-commerce / E-retail versions are definitely more cost effective than your physical retail stores. The challenge lies in giving your users a personalized touch, attracting them towards a product, generating trust, accepting payments and delivering on time (logistics). Moreover, these are compounded when reaching out to customers across the world.

      All these processes require significant investments in IT setup, infrastructure, management and maintenance of the e-commerce website / portal. After studying your products, we help you select a best Open Source E-commerce framework and modify it to replicate the way you deal with customers in your brick and mortar shop.

      As a part of this service, we undertakes a complete study of your E-commerce project, sets benchmarks for daily updating needs and engages the requisite resources for programming and similar assignments for creating an e-commerce website for your business. We help in integraing the cart with the payment gateways you select by which the user will be allowed to pay like credit cards, debit cards or Internet banking facilities.

      Web Application Development

      Web Application Development is one of the most enticing field these days. It has various platforms and is used in almost every prevalent field today. Whichever office that you go to has some or the other software which is useful for the staff/administration/management. Hence almost every workplace requires a software which is basically a web application in most cases. The usability and the functionality of any web based service is determined by the web application development.

      We are one of the most technologically advanced companies in India in the field of web application development. We get you the best available deal for making your web application a success. We have successfully completed number of projects for a wide-range of industries including Fashion, E-commerce, Finance, Entertainment and more. We have the best resources which will help you get the best deal in the market for your web application- be it any size or type.

      Our web application development services include,

      • Customized Web Application
      • Maintenance and support
      • Application Migration
      • Application Reverse Engineering

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