Gardening (גינון בישראל) Israel app can find all the trees, flowers, products and suppliers required for the garden and maintenance. You can search by location and find the nearest place you were looking for, and it is open to professional, private and institutional. App search options by several parameters: topic, category, product, business name, and perform when the search is conducted according to the customer’s location by GPS location of the business, namely business customer gets near the lead. The app serves the public business sector: architects, landscapers, nurseries , department stores and garden etc. .., the private audience with villas, roof gardens, terraces, garden lovers and more .. as well as institutions and organisations such as municipalities, local authorities, cafes, events, hotels etc .. every business will be able to choose If the audience is interested in business customers only, Private only or both.

All businesses in the landscaping can open a free business card under his field.

All businesses in the landscaping business as a page appears containing: a product catalog, promotions, business navigation, and more.

The use of a free app, and the app is easy to operate and organised according to business concentration in the subject of their work, for example: gardeners, nurseries, garden furniture, plants, etc.


Shai, Israel

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App Designing

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Web Development

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  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • JSON