Unique, innovative and responsive web page

Unique, innovative and responsive web page – ingredients of powerful digital marketing

The more responsive is the web design more would be the traffic to the page. The aim of any website is to increase the traffic to the web page. A non-responsive web page might not be an interesting thing for the audience and would not lure traffic. An innovative and unique web design would definitely fetch the business a great leap with expanded customer base with the help of the increase in web traffic. Any innovative idea with uniqueness would attract the audience the more. In addition, clarity on the information, which is produced, would help the people to stick to the webpage.

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The responsive and clear web page would help the audience to know the details of the brand or the business clearly and would help them to get what they want easily, which would make many customers that are more loyal. This would help in expanding the customer base.

With increasing number of smart phone users and the usage of google in the phone, one could take advantage out of this scenario. The proper utilization of the digital media with Responsive Web Design and good content would help in the expansion of the customer base.

It is recommended By Google


Google itself recommends the responsive web design. The search engine recognizes a web page as a good web page by its design and its content. Hence delivering these things innovatively with customized style would fetch great results.

We in Pravel Solutions believe in quality and our specialized professionals, workout on the latest trend and would help to reap benefits out of the digital marketing.


Cost Effective

 Developing a separate mobile application would be an additional cost, though this fetches good result. The responsive web design would help to cut down the mobile development cost. This would help in promoting the business with the same set of codes for all the applications. Instead of creating different sites for different media channels, it is better to develop a unique single site, which would fit into all the different media channels. Such work would be cost effective and would be a great work. This could help to lure more traffic to the same website. This would increase the number of visits to the page. Instead of having different websites for various different media channel, a single website for all the media channels would help to channelize all the traffic from various media channels in to the same website. This would help in focusing traffic on the same and as a result, the popularity of the website increases which would be a great recognition by the search engine.

To reach more audience and to generate new customer circle or widen the customer index, focusing all the traffic into the same website is necessary. A good digital marketing company would definitely take advantage of this and would use the latest trend of building the website for multi-screen viewers to lure more traffic to help widen the customer base.

Social media Engagement

How Social Media Engagement enhances the sale of your product?

Simply having hundreds or even thousands of followers or friends on the social networking sites is not just enough.

One of the most crucial factors in creating success in the field of social media is to engage with the followers.  If you are thinking to expand your business or your product, then you definitely can- not affords to miss the term social media engagement tools. With the help of these tools you could enhance your customer base as well as your services. In today’s world people are connected though the medium of these social networking sites and they keep on checking the updates of their friends as well as relatives through these websites. In fact the people in today’s age have become very intelligent too. They look for the products as well as the reputation of the company on these sites and then go for that brand. There are different types of Social Media Engagement tools that you must employ in your social network in order to enhance the sale of your product.

Respond quickly: We are very well familiar with the fact that most of the brands with the social media presence respond only to some of the posts that are created by their clients or the consumers. But in reality, the consumers who got a response to their post only made a purchase of the product from that brand.

Upload fresh content: Telling the news about your brand by creating fresh content would motivate the guests to comment as well as follow those posts. You must make sure that you renew your content and keep on updating it, so that the guests get to know about your recent activities as well as products.

Reviews: One of the most important part of the social media engagement is

to ask for the reviews regarding the product as well as the brand. With the positive as well as negative reviews of the consumers about the company, you would get to know about the working of the company. You could also ask questions related to the interest of the consumers, as it would help in engaging them with your brand.

Pay them rewards: You social media fans are always busy in following your posts as well as messages and that is the reason that they deserve some kind of gift or reward from your side. You could gift them a T- shirt or a pen in return. This would not only motivate more and more followers to stay engaged with the posts of your product, but indirectly it would be a means of promoting your business too.

Add graphics: A colourful as well as a post filled with images definitely comes into the eyes of the consumers rather than the posts that are simply written in a normal text. More compelling the post or the advertisement is, the more and more people would notice it. Moreover professional graphics would also add brand consistency as well as professionalism throughout your channels.

Keep a check on the Activity Log: If you are publicizing your product or your business on Facebook, then make sure that you regularly check the activity log on Facebook that is located at the starting of your timeline. Make sure that you consistently reply to your fans as the failure to reply to their doubts or queries might result into their loss of interest from the product as well as the brand.


Social Media Monitoring: Crucial for effective business growth

With the growth in demand the competition among the various producers of the different types of products is increasing too. There are different types of methods as well as means that the businessmen employ these days to enhance the effectiveness of their business. The Social Media monitoring has become very important for the growth of any kind of business. Even if you do not like to get involved in the social media, you do not have any other choice. You will have to keep it up with your clients as well as customers for effective growth of your business. If you fail to get involved with the social media monitoring tools then your competitors would give you an edge and they would shine in the eyes of the clients as well as potential customers. Then, ultimately you will be left behind in this world of competition.

Thus it is very important to have an effective social media campaign in which you could brand your product in a more intelligent as well as effective manner. After starting with a social media monitoring campaign, monitoring its proper working is equally important too. It is very important to develop a clear understanding of the fact, of what is being said on the web as well as in the society about your product as well as your brand. There are different types of tools that are available in the market these days for the purpose of monitoring. These tools are easy to use and they set up alerts on the Keywords with the help of Electronic mailing system.  There are several terms that are associated with the social monitoring.

Influence: Customers play a very important role in influencing the other people around them and if you have clients or customers that believe in the strength of your company as well as your product then they can strongly influence the other people too.

Reviews: You must check that are response or the sentiments that the customers shares about your company or your product are negative or positive. The monitoring tools used in today’s date are capable of differentiating the negative comments from the positive ones.

Volume: It is again very important in monitoring the social media as it gives the results of the amount of the buzz that surrounds your offerings as well as your brand. Most of the monitoring tools in today’s date are able to record the volume that is based on the specific keywords over the time. You could understand the results from the spikes in the graphs that are generated by the various types of tools.

There are different types of Social Media monitoring tools that are used up these days like HootSuite, Google Alerts, Icerocket, TweetDeck, Twazzup, Twitter Advanced Search. There are different types of prices as well as costs that are associated with these tools and you could select the tool that suits you as well as your company the best. People living in our society are getting very responsive as well as connective and the customer today has become very intelligent as well as open eyed. So it is very important to understand what the customer desires and needs in today’s world. There are some of the monitoring tools that track the keywords throughout the social sphere and some of such tools are Trackur, Flitrbox, BrandsEye and SM2.


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